Sahanpur is a town and also a nagar panchayat.This is also known as the name of riyasat sahanpur.It is situated near the tehsil najibabad which are placed in the district bijnor (U.P). This is a very nice place for visiting purpose. The sahanpur was a Jat empire of kakran gotra jats.They were the suryavanshi jats. Raja Charat Singh was a very notable king of sahanpur.

main    cropped-eid-gah.jpg fort

Kakran clan was having their empire up to nainital. The Kakran clan built a huge and beautiful and palace fort in Sahanpur. Now Kunwar Bhartendra Singh is the current king and also the M.L.A. from Bijnor district. Late Ram sawroop Singh won M.L.A election continue 3 times from this place. This is the glorious of the sahanpur.